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 Milton Moorer, Civil Engineer and Consultant for the pantry expansion to Building 2, came to HOPE at just the right time.  He brought his years of experience and expertise to a complex situation and which made the land purchase and the renovation of the building possible. 


It takes all of us using our individual gifts to make a difference. 

Jo's Diner Nacogdoches HOPE
volunteer Doris Stokes restocking Nacogdoches HOPE

Good News!

Jo's Diner is open to 50 clients on select Wednesdays at the new HOPE Resource Center.  Contact the Resource Center for more information on their services at 936-305-4090.  They are located in the white brick building next to the pantry.

They are working to add helpful services for clients in the coming months!

My name is Doris. I am a HOPE volunteer for the past 7 years.  I like working with folks who enjoy helping neighbors. 

HOPE may be open just a few days a week but there is work to do there almost every day.  I volunteer at HOPE restocking, and organizing. It is hard work but there is joy in it.

I have been blessed in many ways.  Nacogdoches HOPE has been one of those ways.  I can give back to my community and have fun working with some really nice people. We are like family.

What are you bringing

to the table?

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Volunteer HOPE

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to serve Nacogdoches residents in need.

Donate or volunteer today!

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