The get back of giving back

Michelle Davis

SFA Student

Volunteering is extremely important to me because I always try to keep in mind that you never know what could happen to you. What if you needed help and there was nobody to volunteer? Volunteering should be something that everyone should do once in awhile. Volunteering makes a difference in someone else’s life. I never understood why my mom would drag my siblings and I to volunteer to feed the homeless or go sing and feed patients at a local nursing home. It hit me when I would see how grateful and how happy they were to receive food. You never know how much something means to you until you no longer have it. I believe if everyone was willing to lend a helping hand that would put hope in the hearts of others. It would let others know that the world cares for them and they are not in this alone. Get out there and volunteer, put a smile on someone else’s face

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